Monday, May 9, 2011

The Comics You Didn't Get To See

Warren Ellis' take on Iron Man, Iron Man: Extrmis, is one of the best Iron Man stories you'll find. The plot is excellent, the dialogue is superb, and it includes all of the lovely violence I've come to expect from Ellis.

Dedicated fans may have already watched the motion comic online when it came out. Some of you may have skipped it. I'll admit, when I first heard about it, it sounded pretty hokey. Illustrations from the comic bouncing around as if it were animated with voiceovers? I'd much rather read.

But thanks to the fancy schmancy technology known as Netflix, my fourth veto of watching it was denied this weekend when I'd pulled a muscle and was snuggled under some blankets.  And if there was ever an example to be made of why I should shut the eff up and listen to what I'm told, this would be it. Because I'm never, ever wrong. Just this one time. I'm telling you.

It was so delightful that I wanted to start it from the beginning as soon as it ended.  It felt like I was reading it. Actually, with my being under seventeen fleece blankets, being served glasses of ginger ale, and wearing sweats, it felt more like someone was reading it to me. All I needed was a nightlight and a teddy bear. Don't look at me like that. The teddy bear was a good six inches away from me and I was very clearly not holding it. So there.

Not sure if it's worth subscribing to Instant Netflix to get your comic on? Iron Man: Extremis isn't the only thing that you've missed.  Last year, BET produced episodes of a Black Panther cartoon. They sadly never aired in North America.

Now, I love me some cartoons. But the cartoons to grace television screens past the 80's/early 90's have mostly been...hmmm...what's a nice way to put this...shit.  Moreover, the only knowledge I'd had of Black Panther before watching this cartoon was his name. I wasn't exactly psyched.  But being an intelligent young woman, I learned my lesson from Iron Man and didn't argue when Boyfriend pulled it up on his Netflix screen. (The fact that the pain made it impossible to talk at this point is completely irrelevant.)

Fast forward to the next day when I casually ask Boyfriend if he'd like a glass of water while he's distracted by playing Torchlight. (New one comes out in July, people!)  I pour him an icy-cold glass and fix him some tacos.  Mexican food and videogames? Boyfriend didn't come out of his room for half an hour.  Completely engrossed by the television and curled up in the most comfortable yet odd-looking position, I suddenly feel eyes on me and look up guiltily to meet his gaze from across the room.

Boyfriend: Are you watching Black Panther...without me?
Me: You seemed busy, baby. I didn't want to disturb you.
Boyfriend: Ugh. My girlfriend left me for an African prince.
Me: Baaaaaaaby! YOU'RE my African prince!!!
Boyfriend: ...I'm Jamaican...
Me: But whenever I say that, you talk about how...[mumble mumble]...originally....[mumble]...Africa...
Boyfriend: WHAT?
Me: Want another taco?

Just take my word for it.  You're going to need to add these to your queue.