Friday, May 6, 2011

I Have a Flipping Gun!

Boyfriend writes comic books. I thought it'd be a terrific birthday present to commision a portrait of him in the style of a comic book frame. So I've been "auditioning" artists by their portfolios. And I knew I'd found the right artist when I saw this in her portfolio:

That's Moss, beloved character from IT Crowd, a show that made me question my disdain of British Humor- it's that good. Those are all the details I'm giving of Boyfriend's portrait right now as I want to surprise him. But when it's done, I'll show you the finished portrait and the info on the artist.

In other news: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY TOMORROW!!!! Eeeep! Happy hunting!

EDIT: The portrait project sadly had to be cancelled. But the above masterpiece was created by Gina Rogers.  She is currently accepting offers and orders. Take a look at her portfolio here.