Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Have Knives! (Don't mess with me!)

I love to cook and bake.  Somehow, though, I've done without a knife set. But as of today, I finally have one. In red. Pretty.
That's a Farberware 20-piece cutlery set.  And of course, because I'm the ultimate deal-finder, I paid less than forty bucks for it, including shipping, off of

I also baked two batches of snickerdoodle cookies last night for a potluck at work today. I've baked these a hundred times but this time, I used a sugar cookie base and they came out more delightful than usual. As a bonus, I didn't have any afternoon guests yesterday so the cookies actually made it to the potluck. Success!

Aren't they pretty?

I use the recipe from one of my favoirte food blogs, Baked Bree. And my cookies are just as pretty as hers:

 snickerdoodle recipe

Or not. Whatever. Mine are just as yummy. Probably.

I like her blog because her food is virtually always yummy. I tried only one recipe that came out disasterous and I tried it three times- I WILL NOT ADMIT DEFEAT!- with no positive results but besides that, her recipes are winners. Plus she's also a photographer so the pictures she takes at each step of her recipes are gorgeous.

Have you tried my lasagna yet? More to come in my next post.