Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Turning 27B. Not 28. Let's Not Inch Closer to 30, People.

My birthday's a week from today.

This makes me feel torn as I love any reason to celebrate.  This year, I managed to celebrate two Thanksgivings and two Christmases. Oh, and Boyfriend's birthday three times. Which meant that I slaved over meatloaf and birthday cakes three times. (I'm a total liar. I did it once. But one time I LITERALLY filled up his whole room with balloons and streamers and he just dove right into them and it was THE COOLEST THING EVEEEEEEEER!!!!! Pic to follow. I'll get it off of his camera this weekend.) Which meant that we got to celebrate our anniversary twice. Booyah.

But I also hate getting closer to 30.  As was proclaimed in the book Something Borrowed (and now the movie, which I think may have been the third chick flick I've actually liked!), "Thirty isn't old. But it isn't that young, either." And I'm waaaaay too cute to get old. Seriously. I don't even mean how mah face is adooooorable. (It is. I'm a cute lil package. Sue me.) I mean that I act like a five-year-old pretty much any time that I'm not at work. And I don't wanna change it. SO THERE.

So what do I want for my birthday? To enjoy time with people that I love. To relax.

Oh, and I want my birthday cake to look like this:

See that "1" on top of the cake? I'm sure it means I'm Number 1. Cuz I am. And this cake is clearly for classy ladies who have careers and rent and do other adult things.

Or I'll gladly settle for a s'more...if it's this one:

Tell me that isn't rad.


You're an effing liar.