Sunday, May 15, 2011

Is needlepoint geeky? If you're under 60? Probably.

But I really don't know. Alls I knows is it's not a typical hobby for a 27-soon-to-be-28-year-old. And I've learned that when in doubt, most activities in which I partake can be assumed to be geeky.

I wasn't feeling too hot this weekend. Confined to my bed for the entire weekend, I relied on texts to keep me company. Until I realized that I wasn't getting any. And when a third person called asking me why I wasn't answering my texts, I realized that technology had failed me. More notably, AT&T had failed me. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

So I caught up on television. Which, for me, is only about two shows and then whatever happens to be on CNN, BBC, or Food Network. I played DJ Hero (awesoooooooooome!) and Call of Duty. I slept. A LOT.

But then I was insanely bored and I was finally up to sitting up. Or at least propping myself up. Not being up to cooking yourself anything or pouring yourself any water for two days doesn't leave you much strength when you're already in pain. So what to do? Needlepoint.

I'm no stranger to the craft. My mother took a needlepointing class which became a social circle for her when I was in high school. I went with her a handful of times and couldn't help but like it, despite being the youngest person there by 28 years. I picked it up quickly and made many pieces over the years, also teaching myself cross stitch.

It didn't feel like a stretch since I'd been embroidering since I was six (after getting a kit for Christmas) and having fond memories of knitting with my mother since I was young. She's one of those incredible mothers who knit her three children a new scarf every year. I loved picking out the yarn colors and then laying in bed next to her, watching her hands blur from her quick stitching.

I picked knitting back up a few years ago. I even knitted my best friend a periwinkle scarf. I made Boyfriend a scarf and got creative and knit him a pocket. I was pretty pleased with myself considering I taught myself how to make one and managed to knit the whole darn thing (hah! Darn! Get it? Cuz...knitting...sorry, I have fun with puns) in only two weeks. It came out like this:

He picked out the colors. Boyfriend's an original. I wouldn't date him otherwise.

That was the last knitting project I've done and I did it in the fall. But I recently purchased a Groupon for 2 levels of courses at Stitch DC. EXCITED!

So about an hour ago, I mustered enough strength to get up and check my closet for an old project. There it was in a worn GAP bag. And I'm having a heckuva time.

Please ignore the lack of makeup and the fact that I clearly haven't had any decent blood circulation in, well, days.  But I'm content with my Sunday evening: working with my hands to make something beautiful, thinking of my mother who is beautiful inside and out, and taking back out the smile that I packed away on Friday.