Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's The Most Wonderful[ly Narcissistic] Time of the Year

I break you from our regularly scheduled program. The following entry is completely self-indulgent, pretty off-topic, and, well, sickeningly blissful. Read at your own risk.

How does a quasi-geeky-quasi-girly-girl celebrate her 28th birthday? Like this, fool!

Day 1. The day before my birthday. I'm at my last day of work for a bit as I've taken off the next three days (a much-needed and well-deserved break), coinciding with Memorial Day, giving me nearly a week off from work. I'm completely euphoric at the idea of relaxing for a few days while trying to cram in as much work as possible before I leave. Then I start to get emails. About twenty of them from my department, all wishing me happy birthday. I. Am now. Giddier.

I head towards Maryland to meet my beau. We have an amazing dinner of tapas paired with sangria with peaches and cinnamon. Soooo good. And pretty much everything was wrapped in bacon. Spanish people know how to party with the best parts of a pig.

I fall asleep, exhausted from a particularly rough few weeks at work and life. I wake up at 12:08 AM, actually get out of bed, and do a little jig in honor of my official birthday. I then go back to sleep.

Day 2. My actual birthday. I wake up to 43 texts and 78 Facebook messages and posts.  It's just getting started. I yawn. It feels like a wonderful day...but not my birthday. I mention this to Boyfriend and he promptly whips out my first present:

There, wrapped beautifully with a sweet card, was my favorite book from fifth grade. I'd mentioned a few months ago how I contstantly think of it almost twenty years later and really want to reread it. So sweet.

I was then graced with pancakes. Mmmm.  Over breakfast, I was showered with silly presents that no one but me would want. But they were for me. So I wanted them. Badly.

Heart-shaped lip balm? Check. Balloons? Check.  Waterguns for a future water fight? CHECK! Princess wand?CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECK!!!!! I knighted everyone in the restaurant that I could find. And then those who were hiding in the parking lot. No one hides from Princess Shellie.  Then I got my second slice of birthday cake of the week and a card congratulating me on my fiftieth birthday. Because if there's anyone possibly crazier than me, it's Boyfriend.

The first of many jackpots

Then we headed to Dave and Busters because the idea of playing video games for hours while children were in school was entirely too appealing.  It must be noted that I won at air hockey twice. I think. I mean, that's how I'm remembering it went down either way. We played a racing game that made Nintendo 64's rumble pack feel like a vibrating cell phone. Well, I guess anything does. Not the point. EDIT: Someone just mentioned Nintendo 64 made me date myself. I told him that those were popular just fifteen years ago, I never liked it, and I preferred Super Nintendo. I was then informed that I just dated myself further. I can't win.

We should have gone to Vegas and not D&B because I was hoooooot that afternoon. We literally had over 700 tickets within the first fourteen minutes of being there- and we'd played air hockey for the first eleven.  We cashed in our spoils of war for different spoils, namely a big stuffed animal of a dog. He had those huge puppy dog eyes and was carrying a sweet flower...so I promptly named him T. Danger. Because now...danger is his middle name. YUP. That just happened. Do not ask me to name your kids. Also of note: do not ask me to have any kids.

We left, exhausted, and I was told of more birthday insanity to come for the rest of the week. But just because I got the spoiler doesn't mean I'm giving one to you. Read on.

Day 3. I was blessed with something I dared never dream: Boyfriend took me shopping. Shoe shopping. And I was told to buy whatever pair I wanted. And he didn't sit in a corner like most guys would, sighing and checking his watch.  He helped me pick them out, patiently listening to me explain the disadvantages of patent leather and exactly why I fell in love with Mary Janes. And then he swiped his card and I walked out feeling like a total princess. Not going to pretend that I didn't. Not going to make a joke about it. Not going to apologize or say that as a woman, I should have purchased my own shoes. Because he wanted to take care of me and I let him.

Then we went to see Thor. Le sigh. It was awesome. Sitting next to Boyfriend, I got to geek out whilst admiring muscles that couldn't be contained by a mere cotton-blend tee.  And yeah, I guess that Thor's muscles were nice, too.

My parents sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  They contained purple roses. I love purple roses. That was so wonderfully sweet of them.

Then I was serenaded while I blew out all the candles on my birthday cake. Red velvet with cream cheese icing- my favorite- made by Boyfriend! How baller is he?!?!?!

I'm going back to work today but Boyfriend is stopping by with another bouquet of flowers. Because it'll be my birthday forever and ever. Right? Promise?

To thank him for making my birthday so special, I baked him the biggest batch of oatmeal raisin cookies known to man. Like, 60 of em.

Thank you to all of you who sent me birthday wishes! They made me smile and meant a lot to me.

                                                                            *** Le fin.***