Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Name of The Blog Is True. Kinda.

How did I get here?

The debate on if I am or am not, in fact, a geek began with a post my boyfriend wrote about me on his amazing blog. I had known he was planning to write about me bringing up the
way-too-high prices of comic books and I was excited to read it. But I was surprised to see that he'd labeled me as a geek.

"I'm not a geek! What are you talking about?"

(Boyfriend laughs.) "Are you kidding me? We just spent the whole morning playing video games and reading."

"That doesn't make me a geek. I'm a nerd. That's completely different."

"Shellie, the fact that you're arguing this just proves that you're a geek."

*Shellie Pouty Face ©*

The Shellie Pouty Face © does not work on Boyfriend. It apparently doesn't work on my title as "Geek," either, because the next day, this happened:

Boyfriend: Hey Shellie, do you know Nathon Fillion?

Me: No, You know I suck at remembering the names of actors.

Boyfriend: He's the guy from Firefly.

Me: You mean the captain? Oh, the guy who was also Captain Hammer in Dr. Horrible?

*Boyfriend's evil grin*

Man. I'm pretty sure that was a setup.

So fine. Maybe I have some qualities that could be defined as geeky. Maybe the line between "nerd" and "geek" is pretty thin. But am I really a geek?

So I did what any good nerd would do: I willingly subjected myself to a test that I found online.

First question: have I ever been called a geek or a nerd? Not fair. No one taking this test would do so without that being true. Besides, the word "justly" should have been somewhere in that sentence. Sigh. Fine. Check.

Have I ever played War Hammer? No! I don't even know what that is! And I'm going to ignore my dorky tendency to feel the need to learn about everything and not look it up! I won't look it up! I won't...I! I won't! Next!

Do I know how to program a calculator? I did in high school. I've since forgotten how. And since the question is in present tense, then nope. Next!

Do you correct people's spelling or grammar? Well, yes. But that's because when I say I'm fluent in the English language, I mean it. But fine. Do what you have to do and use that against me. Check.

Do you know the difference between ROM and RAM? Seriously? Since when are my choices in life only "geek" or "idiot?" Blah. Check.

Was I in the "clever" class for maths at school? Yes. And that's poor grammar.

Have I ever won a spelling competition? Yeah. Often.

Do I visit museums on my own free will? Yes. Who doesn't?

Ruh roh. I see where this is going.

Do I ever go to a friend's house and play Trivial Pursuit? Nope. I used to play with my sister but it was at our vacation property. So it doesn't count. I didn't go anywhere. Yay for semantics! Wait...didn't Boyfriend and I...last Damnit. I must put breaking up with him on my to-do list. Even though playing it was my idea. Yes. Blame Boyfriend.

Have I read comic books after age 14? Do I own a Slinky? Do I know the value of Pi past 3.14?
Okay. Fine. I surrender.

I finished the test and waited for the results to appear on the screen.



You are 52.5% geeky.


Hmm. That doesn't seem so high. It seemed like the score would be much higher. And surely everyone has geeky qualities from time to time. I mean, one of the questions was if you spend time on a computer outside of work. Who says no to that? So that must be about average.


The current average is: 33.09%


Oh. Damnit.