Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cute and Geeky Girls: We Exist, I Promise

*In a comic book shop- teenage boys staring at Carrie*
Carrie: What's wrong with them?
Power Lad: To them, you are Wonder Woman.
Carrie: All right, stop. I'll buy something. -Sex and the City

I had to stop at the mall last night to return some videotapes. Err. I mean some bronzer at Sephora that made it clear that I was doomed to be pale forever.  On my way out, I stopped at Game Stop. Over the last two years, it's become my mall go-to more than any other store. *I apologize, Womankind.*

I saw a game on sale that I'd been waiting to come down in price. I excitedly nabbed it and walked over to the line by the register.  Less than a minute later, two pre-pubescent boys slowly made their way towards me.  They eyed the videogame in my hands with disbelief.  They inched closer as if I was a mirage that would disappear if they got too close.  FInally, one of them dared to touch the game in my hand. I assumed it was a game he was contemplating purchasing so I handed it over so he could give it a look-see.

He turned it over in his hands a few times.  He slowly raised his head to look at me. "Are you...real?" he finally asked.

"Excuse me?" I assumed that I couldn't have heard that correctly.

"Are you real?" his friend followed up. "Like, are you really buying a video game right now?"

My forehead crunched in confusion. "Yes."

"Is it for your boyfriend?"


"Is it for your brother?" The original teen found his voice.


"Who's it for?"


The two looked at each other, smiles growing wide on their faces. "I told you!" said the second boy to the first. "Hot girl buying video games. It happens sometimes!"

I was able to swallow most of my laughter. "Excuse me, you don't think girls play video games?"  They looked back at me in alarm, seeming to forget that I could hear them.  

"Sorry," the first one mumbled.  

Then an older figure, who I found out later to be their teacher (they were all from California on a school trip), pushed the boys away from me.  "Sorry," he echoed to me.  "But I'm pretty sure you just blew their mind.  You're pretty much the Holy Grail."

I laughed. It's the second time I've been called the Holy Grail for such preferences and I wondered if the guy knew how closely he'd just echoed the comic book episode of Sex and the City. Probably not.

It would have been the cutest five minutes ever if, when I got to the register, the 17-year-old girl behind the desk hadn't called me ma'am.