Friday, June 17, 2011

Dinner Party for Two

I'm excited about so much this weekend but the thing that will be the most relaxing will take place tomorrow afternoon: hours of cooking and baking.  Perfectly sandwiched between a Friday night Nats vs Orioles game and a Sunday of the second annual DC Comicon and a reunion party (I took some high schoolers to Paraguay for several weeks two years ago to complete some community service projects and we're meeting up late in the day), I had a day to do absolutely nothing.

So I decided to make a big Italian meal picked out by my beau, then relax and watch North by Northwest. Plans altered slightly and now we'll be watching Seven Samurai and having an American meal. I'll be making meatloaf. Not the usual Italian one I grew up making, either. I love making new things and, like with my wardrobe, I hate to repeat something even twice. So I'll be going with a stuffed cheddar meatloaf- the recipe is provided by my friend Ray. I'll get to use my slow cooker which is awesome because at the moment, it merely takes up counter space and I've been wanting to use it. The only time that I have was to make chicken and biscuits...and it was a disaster. To quote:

Ray: How in the world did you screw up a dish in a crock pot?  You set it and leave it go!

See, this just proves my theory: I'm a genius with anything complicated but ask me to do anything simple and OHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO, I will surely mess it up. Horrifically.

This recipe looks like it couldn't be more simple, though, so we should be good to go. It'll end up looking like this:


Besides that, Boyfriend wants garlic broccoli and baked potatoes. I'll be sure to top them with cheeses and chives and bacon and make them oooey gooey. Also easy as pie. And speaking of pie- well- actually, we didn't speak of pie. We spoke of cheesecake.

I've made every fruit variety of cheesecake that exists so we agreed upon peanut butter cheesecake with a bittersweet chocolate drizzle. It'll be super cute:

So it will be a weekend of lots of firsts. Boyfriend's first game at Nats Stadium. My first time making a few recipes. My first time seeing Seven Samurai. My first comicon. Boyfriend's first time eating Paraguayan food.

Can't wait :-)

Boyfriend's meeting me after work for the game. We're going with a bunch of my coworkers and we're having dinner with another couple beforehand at Five Guys (You can't get more DC than that without inviting some Feds.) I just gave Boyfriend directions:

me: hey
when you get off of navy yard metro, you want go out the new jersey exit
not the half street exit
Boyfriend: Y U NO LOVE ME

*Content sigh* Looks like my New Yorkness has rubbed off on him in other ways than making him a pizza and bagel snob.