Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fan Mail, Responses, and Requests

IT Crowd-
Jen: You know, a pedal stool.
Roy: What? A pedal... stool?! The word is pedestal!
I emailed some friends yesterday about my blog. I find it amusing and strange that I have so many readers yet so few of them are people I know. One of the emails I received back is from a man I've known for a few years. He asked to be nameless in this post as he is married, but I must say that he is one of the few (only?) loyal male friends I have who doesn't try to cross the line and is perfectly and utterly loyal to his wife. Kudos to him- I greatly admire him for this. Plus he's crazy hot so he could well have whoever he wanted, married or not, but he's completely satisfied and a total gentleman. Yeah, I'm putting him on a bit of a petal stool. Ahem. Pedestal.

Anyways, Nameless wrote me the following and it made me smile. It led to this post about some fan mail I've received thus far so I can answer your inquiries. So his email is first:

Mish Mish!  Ok I admit I have not read your blog even though I knew you have one and I know that it must be fantastic because you, being fantastic yourself, are capable of nothing less than that.  I will say that I somewhat keep up with you on facebook though and I have two things to say: 1) It looks like you have had a BF now for a while (?) Congrats!  and 2) You are still just so ridiculously pretty.  Like when you have new pics up, I'm like "Yes!!"  Just, you know, fyi. 

I'll check out your blog.  I'm sure it will be dorky and witty and smart and funny because you are all of those things and then some.  Hope you're enjoying summer so far!

So let's see here. Yeah, I'm pretty fantastic. Wait, that wasn't a question? Darn right that isn't a question! I'm also extremely modest.

Yes, I do have a boyfriend. A lot of my fan emails and posted comments are about this and I'm not sure why considering I mention him often so I thought that I'd clear this up.  We've been together for awhile and he's as crazy as me, and- get this- possibly crazier, depending on the day. And we're totally in love and I totally adore him and all that other ooey-gooey gross stuff.


One sample email on this, although I've gotten this question a lot:

Hey geeky girl,

You mentioned in a few posts that you get really good deals on stuff. Also, I read your post from your Examiner column you were doing. Are you still writing it? And where do you get your deals? I'm a college student and I'm looking for ways to save some money.

Thanks, girlie!

Good question. At the time being, I'm not writing the Examiner Steals and Deals column anymore.  I got bored writing it which led me to start this blog. But I may write for from time to time and who knows? Maybe I'll love doing it again and go back to it as fully as before or maybe I'll write a different column for them.

As far as where I find my deals? I wrote a few articles to get people started on but I'll cross-post them on here as well.

Most of the rest of the emails and comments have been asking me to keep doing what I'm doing or to write more about this or that. And I appreciate those comments and will be sure to give you guys what you want. Thanks for all of your suport, whoever you guys are. How you found me, I don't know, and how you did it so fast, I'm not sure, either, but I really appreciate your readership.  I didn't expect anyone to really read this thing, much less hundreds of people from around the world. And I value the input from each one of you.

Awwww. Mushy moment.