Monday, June 27, 2011

My Love Gives Me the Energy to Get Through the Day

...And not in some sappy metaphorical way, either. He was adorable and packed me a lunch. I opened it and found this:

That's right. Right between my greek yogurt and an "I love you!" note was a bottle of "mana," an energy drink. He had bought it for me months ago at our favorite comic book shop. I had dorkily pointed it out to him and laughed as we had played Magic: The Gathering [Oh boy. Don't judge.] a few weeks before. He sneaked it into his purchases and surprised me. I had saved it as I thought it was too cute to drink. He apparently thought it was time it was drunk.

Good call, my love. Mondays are never easy.

And that, my friends, is real love. Really geeky, silly, amazing love.