Thursday, June 2, 2011

This Father's Day, Give the Chosen Meat of the Nerds

Why nerds are associated with bacon when pretty much every non-Kosher-keeping person loves the stuff, I don't understand. And how bacon became trendy, I don't know. It's like when cupcakes became trendy. First of all, it annoyed me that something that I could make and/or previously buy for less than half of a dollar was now about four bucks a pop. And secondly...weren't cupcakes always yummy? It made me wonder if ice cream was next. Yay, it's this new foreign substance that's both cold AND delicious! Bacon, likewise, was always good but now it's cool to like bacon. But as much as it confuses me, I'm not hating on it. I've been a vegetarian for more time in my life than a meat-eater and I don't eat pig...except for bacon. I can't help myself. Can you?! is hoping that your dad can't help himself, either.  Tippr, a deal site similar to Groupon but makes their deals available for purchase for multiple days instead of one, is offering half off of the Bacon Gift Box. Besides a pound of bacon, it includes bacon-flavored everything...including pancake mix. As someone who actually had pancakes with bacon in them about a month back, I'll admit that it's something you have to try...and then never try again.