Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Geek Date Night...

...can look a little bit different than a typical date night. This week, ours looked like this:

Lemme 'splain. I had been excitedly waiting for July  for Torchlight II to arrive. I'd only been introduced to the game a few months before and it seemed practical to wait for the upcoming version since it was being released so soon. A few weeks ago, the release date was changed from "July 2011" to simply "2011." 

*Shellie pouty face*

More and more over the last few weeks, I would glance up from whatever books I was reading to Boyfriend's computer screen as he played. I decided I'd try it once and if it seemed worth it, I'd buy the original version.

I created a character and Boyfriend showed me around and...

Oh no. Five minutes in...and I'm torn between buying Torchlight for my computer or waiting so I could keep playing on his so I didn't have to stop for five minutes.

I decided to jump on to my Mac so that I could continue as quickly as possible. I made a Steam account. (Boyfriend could hardly contain himself. He had to walk away from me, go in a corner, and go all nuts about how his girlfriend has a Steam account. That one I do not follow. You'll have to ask him. He plans to blog about it.)  I downloaded, opened, and didn't look back.

Seven hours later (spread out over 2 days- I'm not that bad yet), I was at level 20 and making fun of my pet every time I was notified that it was overburdened. (Darn it, pet! I paid for weeks-worth of pet therapy and you still can't handle your stuffs?! Grow up and deal with your items like a MAN!)


I may have told Boyfriend that I'd make a rage comic about the long load times and post it on Reddit. And he's all, "Oh, like you'd ever stop playing Torchlight long enough to do that. And then what, blog about it? You're gonna stop doing this geeky thing so you can do another geeky thing and write about it on another geeky thing?"

Pssssssssh. He don't know nuffin. I didn't end up making a rage comic.

Sooooooo, only doing two out of three of those is still long as I don't have long conversations about my +50 sword.

To learn about the upcoming Torchlight II, go here.