Friday, July 29, 2011

I Scratch Your Back, You Scratch Mi- Mmmmm, Backscratches

Boyfriend and I met for dinner last night. He waltzed into the asian fusion restaurant with these:

But lillies are not only beautiful...they're also Boyfriend's kryptonite. He's quite allergic to them.  But Boyfriend's a superhero. He's not gonna let flowers tell him what to do. He punches flowers in the face and then eats them raw.

They're so beautiful.  I love getting flowers. Which is really original, I know.

Speaking of original...

I had my own little surprise for him today.

We've listened to Stagger Lee a zillion times in the car. He's also broken out into it at random more times than I dare count. I only recently found out that they'd made a graphic novel about it. If he knew about it/wanted to read it/already read it, I didn't know, but I thought I'd get him a copy for his plane ride to AZ.

But this copy is extra special. You see, someone's already peeled open the cover.

I'm such a boss I can't stand it.