Thursday, July 28, 2011

One of those Mornings

It seemed like a pretty good morning. I wasn't running as early as I normally like so I passed by Starbucks with a lustful gaze and headed towards the metro. And then a woman with a wide smile handed me a cup of 7-Eleven coffee, a mug with a free first fill, and coupons, all for free.

Don't worry, she was wearing a 7-Eleven tshirt. She was working. Either that, or she really loves 7-Eleven. Either way, I'm pretty sure she wasn't serving me poison.

So I open the lid, take a long sip, and sigh happily. I even think to turn the opening in the lid away from me- this way, no coffee spills on me AND the threat of burning coffee may keep creepy men on the metro away from me! Double win!

How could I not realize that this was going to go horribly wrong?

I should have known. Because I was wearing white. Of course, it happened when I was one metro stop away from work on my horribly long commute. I was so close.

Baby, there ain't no such thing as a free cup of coffee.

Trust me, it was more obvious than it appears in this pic. Well looks pretty obvious in the pic.

I walked into work and my friend and coworker who is a nurse asked me how I was doing. I pointed down and she offered me some Tide to Go. I know what you're thinking- how does a girl like ME not have it already? Well, I did. A lot of it. And I used it all. Cuz I am Queen Klutz, Ruler Supreme of the Uncoordinated.

Stain was all gone. I got to demonstrate the Power of the Pen, as I fondly called it, to two other coworkers. And life went back to being good.

I was still a bit early so I had the pleasure of putting on these aDORKable keycaps that I got from Urban Outfitters (how nice am I for pulling up the exact item for you in the link and not just a link to their homepage? You should pick up another pack for me as a thank you. I still have four nekkid keys).


 Actually, I didn't pick them up. Boyfriend did. Like a specially-trained super-ninja ladykiller. I was all, "Aw, these are so cute and two of my work keys look exactly the same so I-" and he was like, "I'LL SAVE YOU MARY JAAAAAAAANE!!!" and he swooped in, grabbed them as well as two bottles of glittery nail polish I was loving, and went to the register.

Boyfriend's a BOSS. Don't you mess with him. DON'T YOU MESS WITH HIM.

Mmmm. Anyone else hungry for cupcakes for some unexplainable reason?