Monday, July 11, 2011

PLAY! A Video Game Symphony

Torn between going out an staying in? How about going to the symphony while they play songs from video games? I'm super serial.

    It all started when my friend Ray sent me this email:


Wolf Trap show

 Reply Ray Secretlastname to me
Jul 7 

Oh DUDE!  How nerd-e-rific is this!!!!!

I clicked the link and gasped. And suddenly, I knew what my fate was for that Friday night. I would be at Wolf Trap seeing PLAY! A Video Game Symphony, a performance by National Symphony Orchestra.

It was fantastic. The music was well done- elegant and still true to the original pieces. To boot, they had scenes playing from the games as they played each piece. It basically looked like this:

with this overhead:

Faaaaaaaantastic.  The concert series has been around since 2006 and tours around the country (although there are no new dates posted on their official site presently) so if you get a chance to go, make sure that you do.