Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kids Say The Coolest Things

I'm not sure if I want children of my own or not but I love children in general. I met one today who was snubbing people who knew him well. As it was the first time that I was meeting him, I figured that I wouldn't bother trying to engage him and talked to his mother instead.

DC's been experiencing flash floods for about two weeks; the boy, around age four, was equipped with an umbrella. A Spiderman umbrella.

In the middle of my conversation with his mom, the boy came up to me and said that he loved Spiderman. But he said I wouldn't know anything about that since I'm a lady. Psssh. I'm no lady.

The boy went on to tell me that, "There's also a black Spiderman!" I told him that I knew about him and his jaw dropped. I told him I get Spiderman in the mail and he squealed and danced. He climbed on my lap and we discussed Spiderman in between bursts of conversation between his mom and me.

He let me hold his Spiderman umbrella. Apparently, that's a big deal.

We high-fived our goodbyes and I told him to come back and talk Spiderman with me again.

This whole exchange brightened this rainy day.