Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Superheroes- Stay Dead!

It should come as no surprise that I'm friends with a lot of dudes who read comic books. There are several complaints that echo among them but one of their chief grievances is this: comic book heroes don't seem to know how to stay dead.

It annoys me, too. It pissed me off immediately, even as a six-year-old kid sitting in the back of my mother's brown Audi, tearing through my latest batch of hand-me-down comics. I barely understood death but I knew enough that once you croaked, you should probably stay croaked. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're a superhero, but that's just obnoxious. Not to mention that, as a reader, I feel like I'd been had. I mean, I trusted you. I thought what we had was real and that we were honest with each other. And then you ressurect yourself and make me look like an idiot? I WILL NOT BE MADE TO LOOK FOOLISH!!!

Sorry, kids. Mommy hasn't had her coffee yet.

Anyways, has put together a list of 12 dead superheroes who didn't stay dead. Enjoy. And by enjoy, I mean read it while pulling your hair and screaming, "IKNOWRIGHT?!?!?!"