Friday, October 7, 2011

Tributes to Steve Jobs

Last night, on the phone with my friend Rob-

Rob: Not sure what I should do. Wait, you're a therapist-
Me: GAH! My all-time least favorite beginning of a sentence to hear once I step out of work.
Rob: What? You give me free therapy and I give you free IT.
Me: When was the last time that you fixed my computer? High school? I have a Mac now. You couldn't even handle it.


I mean, maybe this will be cause to take away my geek card but I'm not a huge Apple fan. Sure, I LOVE my compie and I've never had an mp3 player that wasn't an iPod and I'm gleeful when at the mall with my guy friends and they ask to go to an Apple store. But I don't troll the internet about anything Apple-related and I secretly (not anymore) find the brand a bit obnoxious.

That being said...I very VERY much respected Steve Jobs for a variety of reasons- some professional, mostly personal.

Anyways, what kind of geek blogger would I be without showing you these? What are these? These are Forever Geek's Top 20 Incredible Tributes to Steve Jobs.Goodness knows there are many. I almost decided not to step onto Reddit for a few days because I was sure that it would be flooded with nothing but Jobs-related posts. Was I right? Somewhat. But they were some awesome posts.