Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Zombies Are Coming

There was a nice lil zombie apocolypse in Scottsdale, Arizona over the past week.

I'll be making sure it heads its way to DC, so don't worry.

Let me explain. I went to visit a friend for his birthday. One of our favorite card games has been Fluxx. As the name implies, the rules constantly change, quite literally with every move, as does the goal one needs to accomplish to win the game. I've been playing the game since college and since it's different every time, it never stops being fun.

But Looney Labs, the makers of the game, understand that a little variety never hurt anyone. So besides traditional Fluxx and the other amazing games they make (Chrononauts is another of my faves), they have several versions of Fluxx, one of them being Zombie Fluxx.

You know, in case playing card games wasn't quite nerdy enough.

We both really enjoyed it and played it by ourselves, both in private and in public (we had an entire restaurant staff looking on making notes to buy the game), as well as with friends.

Get your own- it's fun any time of year but with Halloween coming up, the timing couldn't be better. I picked mine up at Labyrinth in Eastern Market. That store has pretty much every great game imaginable.