Saturday, December 17, 2011

Promote Your Website with Overflow Cafe- Setup Fee Waived

You’ve started your own website. Perhaps it’s for a new business or one that has finally decided to enter the 21st century. You’ve designed, you’ve written. You’re pretty proud of yourself.
And then you wait.
And wait.
And you’re not sure why no one’s visiting, no one’s ordering, and why you’ve wasted all of those hours for presumably no reason.
With so many businesses on the internet, it’s hard to get some attention. What you need is a company invested in your success and that knows how to promote your business to get it the attention it deserves.
Enter Overflow Cafe, a website promotion company that works with businesses of all sizes in the Unites States, Canada, and all over the world.
Overflow Cafe has been in business since 1995 so they have been through it all. They’ve been promoting businesses since a time when they were easier to promote- as there were fewer online businesses- and have grown, both in size as well as expertise. They therefore have much more experience and knowledge than their competitors.
Their success rate speaks volumes. They have a longstanding track record with thousands of business owners. Surveys conducted show that 97% of their clients would recommend Overflow Cafe to other businesses- an outstanding record.