Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Be A Superhero. Check Your Boobs.

It ain't always easy being a woman. All the shopping and the career-climbing and the late nights with friends and the heels and skirts.

Okay. Fine. Being a chick is pretty darn awesome.

Especially if you, like me, look quite girly and dabble in tomboy activities. Such as comics.

Okay, horrible confession, though- I haven't found a female superhero that I've really gotten into.


I'm open to suggestions.

But I'm kind of a superhero in my own right.

Apparently, this is particularly true when I feel up my boobs in the shower.

WHAT?! Wonder Woman does it!

And she's not the only one. Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Storm, and She-Hulk all have PSA's out for breast cancer, reminding women to practice self-examination.

And yeah, sure, tapping into many men's fantasies with poses of feeling themselves up.

Don't forget to show your boobs some lovin!