Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Geek Comedy Tour

The days of laughing at geeks are over. Now we're the ones with the jokes.

If I could thank hipsters for anything, I guess it would be for making being smart cool again.

Well, that and Scott Pilgrim. Aaaaaaaand popularizing good beer. (Got my Mr. Beer premium edition kit yesterday...Geek Freak Beer is coming to a bar near you in 2013. Maybe.)

Beer's got me sidetracked...at 11 AM...and I'm sober. Hm.

Oh right, comedy! The Geek Comedy Tour is coming to DC, people!

They were at DC Improv on December 12th. They'll be back at the newish  Riot Act Comedy Theatre on Wednesday, February 15th. I'll likely be attending. Hope to see you there!

Because really, what's a more romantic way to spend the day after Valentine's Day than with me, geeking it up, at a comedy club? NUFFIN!