Sunday, January 8, 2012

Video Games Are Good For You

It's been a productive weekend. I saw friends. I got a haircut and did my nails. I checked out the new burger joint by Bobby Flay, grill master and Iron Chef. (Wasn't a fan, actually. There are much better gourmet burgers in town like Brgr:Shack.)

Fancy:zola by Brgr:Shack
 is much better than this:
Crunch Burger by Bobby's Burger Palace

Just sayin'.

I read The Help. I worked out. A lot. I cooked a bunch of healthy foods. And some dark chocolate walnut brownies. You last hurrah before New Year's resolutions kicked in. I threw out the brownies after eating one and giving away a bunch. They were delicious...but they were also not making my hips any smaller.

And I felt like being bad. Indulgent.

What's a girl to do?

I opened Torchlight. Steam told me that I hadn't played since July. July! Life's been too busy for video games.

But oh, it was cathartic.

I should implement video game therapy. I'm telling you.

My patients would love me, I would love me for my brilliance and for saving the world, and you would love me for normalizing gaming as a therapeutic technique.

Shellie: doing her part to better the world one step at a time.