Thursday, February 9, 2012

Accidental Hipster

Me: I feel like mostly everything is hipster, then. My friends tell me I'm hipster often and when I protest, they say THAT'S hipster...VICIOUS CYCLE
Nate: Well maybe you're a hipster
Me: What does hipster boot camp look like?
Nate: A Starbucks
Me: Wouldnt it be more like an independent coffee shop? Or does coffee get a free pass because it's coffee?
Nate: No, the distdain for hipsters stems from the hypocrisy in the idea
They all dress the same
And they all go to starbucks
And use apple computers
Me: Ru roh. Maybe I am a hipster. Although i dont think I dress like one
Nate: What percentage of your clothing was bought in a thrift store?
Me: zero
Nate: could still be a "rich hipster"
Nate: Hipsters had nooks before they were mainstream
me: DAMNIT. But I can't BE one- I make FUN of them too much
Nate: They're dramatic and all have blogs, too
Me: SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UPPPPPPP. What did I DO to you that makes you want to hurt me so?
And I'm NOT dramatic!