Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Docs I've Watched This Week

This is why I consider myself only a quasi-geek: would a real geek wait until only now to get wireless internet? I think not.

But it's true. I finally decided to upgrade and get it this month.

So last week, I finally switched my Netflix account from DVD's to Instant. 'Bout time.

And so, of course, my apartment has become Documentary Central.

And unlike McDonald's, I'm lovin' it.

Here's what I've watched this week.

Bowling for Columbine I've seen it already but not in a few years. Do I agree with all of it? No- I've yet to agree entirely with any Michael Moore film. But some parts were definitely worth a second viewing, especially when he goes to Canada and discovers how they, unlike Americans, don't live in fear, with un-scary news segments and keeping their doors unlocked at all times.
Grade: B-

Tying the Knot This documentary explores why gay marriage isn't really a romantic issue but a civil rights issue. It does show both sides of the arguement but, of course, heavily sides with promoting gay marriage. I very much enjoyed the rational, well-put-together arguements. It was one of those docs where I just kept yelling at the screen, "INORITE?"
Grade: A-/B+

Freedom Fries Okay. I get it. Freedom fries and freedom toast weren't doing any Americans any favors. And people seemed to forget that unlike the Boston Tea Party, we weren't stealing, and therefore not really penalizing, anything...just really penalizing ourselves. And yeah, it made little sense to focus on the French when most of the world was against the war. So...thanks for teaching me and inspiring...nothing.
Grade: D

Fed Up! I've watched my share of documentaries on food practices in the United States and world. It's a topic by which I'm fascinated; Upton Sinclair has been a hero of mine since elementary school when I first read The Jungle. (I got to read a bunch of his original letters about a month ago at a special, limited-time exhibit at the National Archives. I was so dorkily excited getting to see his little corrections in ink on his typewritten pages.) But this documentary didn't teach me a whole lot I didn't know. Yeah, pesticides are bad. I kinda knew that. It did, however, teach me a bit about their history.
Grade: C

Death of a President This is actually not a documentary but a mocumentary. It's about what would have happened if Bush had been assassinated. I felt like this could go either way but it was done really well and was very interesting. I started it last night and didn't have time to watch the end and I've been excited to finish it all day.
Grade (thus far): A       
EDIT: Just finished it. Excellent. A+