Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No Matter How You Slice It

As an Italian that grew up and spent most of her life in New York, [good] pizza is near and dear to my heart.

So is my daily "Now I Know" email from Dan Lewis.

And when these two powers combine, I am Captain Planet! really excited.

Take a look at the bonus fact in today's edition, "Thirty Minutes Or Less:"

Domino’s only sells pizzas by the pie, not by the slice. In New York City, though, that’s uncommon, as almost all pizza places will sell customers a slice for a few bucks. One notable exception is John’s of Bleeker Street, an establishment which not only does not sell pizza by the the slice, but even puts the words “No Slices” right on its awning. As reported by the Village Voice (replete with picture of the aforementioned awning), there’s a reason for this: the mafia mandated it. As the story goes, the notorious gangster Al Capone owned some dairy farms in Wisconsin, and demanded that pizza parlors use his mozzarella — a lower-quality kind compared to the local stuff — or sell only pies, upon penalty of firebombing. John’s and a few others chose the high-quality cheese, pie-only route.

In the words of South Park, "I learned something new today."