Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Aaaaaaaand I've Finally Jumped on the Dr. Who Bandwagon

Took me long enough, right?

On Facebook last night, I updated my status to, "And so it was that Michelle was finally introduced to Dr. Who. And no one was ever able to reach her again because she stayed at home, watching episodes, until the end of her days. THE END."

 20 seconds later, one of my friends asked, "WHAT KIND OF NERD ARE YOU?!?"

And I responded, "One who discovers nerdy things. Very. Sloooooowly."

In truth, I've known about, and have meant to watch, Dr. Who for years. But as I've mentioned, I only switched to Instant Netflix a short time ago, which finally presented me with the opportunity. Through the years, I've had many friends tell me to watch it, so my post was littered with comments and emailed responses of "You're welcome!" and "I'll take all the credit for that!" when, really, they have no idea that they're one of many people who had tried to steer me in this direction.

If I decide to be honest with myself- and I might as well, because I'm a horrible liar- I probably could have found a way to watch it sooner. But I knew I'd love it. And really, do I need the addiction?


The posts spun a bit outta control and now a few friends and I are plotting a Dr. Who party, a la my Scott Pilgrim party. What Scott Pilgrim party?! Yeah...sorry, kids, I never got around to posting about that. I'll try to write that up for you tonight. Pics 'n all. You're welcome.

I've even found this recipe for "fish fingers" and custard. It's on.

Because part of the fun of being a nerd is not "liking" things, but full-out, balls-to-the-wall, no shame LOVING them.

Speaking of which...can't wait to decide on my favorite doctor.