Monday, March 26, 2012

DC Redditors: Get Real Karma

Being a geek and Reddit have a loving relationship like a fat kid and cake. And some Redditors can't keep their eyes off of their karma counts, waiting for the numbers to budge. But what if you could join other Redditors in the Washington, DC area and get some real karma?

That's right. Time to go outside to do some good and step away from your computers. Well, not yet. You should probably finish this article so you know what you're doing. And signing up is a good idea.

So what are you doing?

You're making pho, a yummy Vietnamese soup, for the homeless so that they can get a decent meal. Not a chef? No problem. Keep reading.

The idea began when Redditor Jon Wheeler posted his pho recipe and pictures on Reddit. The post got an insane 3,680 upvotes. Wheeler is passionate about making pho the right way, creating a particularly yummy result. He recounts, "It [the photo] got 100k hits on imgur alone is less than 24 hours. I was shocked. I answered questions for 10 hours straight, and even had people sending me photos of making pho just hours later."

Wheeler decided to take his 15 minutes of fame and use it for good: he recently posted about how he would like to cook pho and distribute it to the DC area's homeless. Enter: Pho The Homeless.

If you like to cook, this is a no-brainer. But if you like being a Good Guy Greg, regardless of your culinary abilities, this is still for you. Pho the Homeless needs help! It particularly needs sponsors, helping hands, and people to get the word out. Donations are also merrily accepted although not required.

Sign up here. No date or time has yet been set; the event is still in its creation phase. This is merely a survey of who would be interested in assisting and getting more information.