Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Doctor Is IN

Of all the odd things for me to purchase...

I was on a quest for something Dr. Who-related to buy, preferrably jewelry. Nothing too obvious, nothing so abstract that no one would get it. And I figured Etsy would have me covered. Boy, DID they. They have SO MUCH Dr. Who stuffs on there (nearly 3,000 items, to be almost exact).

I'd been able to contain myself until I jumped on the Dr. Who Subreddit and then yeah, you know me, I got out-of-control excited. So what did I pick out? This:

Wibbly-wobbly Timey-Wimey (Mini journal) Doctor Who Necklace

Definitely original and definitely nothing too obvious. But any Whovian should get the reference. Plus it's a book and I'm a bibliophile. Bliss.

UPDATE: I was bad. I also bought this (and yes, it stops with the bow tie- no fez for this gal):

Dr. Who Bow Ties Are Cool Inspired Silver Bottle Cap Pendant,  Choose Your Quote, Book Lovers Necklace

Oh, and I also found this online (don't ask what I was doing). In which my love for psychology/comics/Dr. Who COMBINE.