Tuesday, April 10, 2012

$37 for 3 Hours of Cleaning Services

Let's be honest: geeks aren't exactly known for their cleanliness. Sure, you despise the stereotype of the gamer who is too wrapped up with his online buds to shower or wipe the Doritos crumbs off of his shirt...but looking around your place, you're likely to notice that the dust bunnies under your bed are scarier than anything you came across in Silent Hill.

Enter 2 Bee Cleaned Services. Servicing the Washington metro area (that means you too, NoVa and nearby Maryland), they do a thorough job- everything from changing your sheets to scraping off the mini pizza roll particles in your microwave to dusting your collectibles.

And while three hours of their services would normally cost you $125, Eversave lands you a deal of only $37, less than the price of pre-ordering Diablo III.