Monday, April 16, 2012

DC-3: Cheap Foodie Eats

DC has become a city of foodies lately and for good reason. Sadly, its timing has coincided with the recession. So what's a foodie to do?
Grab some cheap, original eats at DC-3.
DC-3, located conveniently near the Eastern Market metro station, has unique foods. Like hot dogs.
Stay with me here. Food Network knows this is a foodie hideout; DC-3 was featured on their hit show "Heat Seekers."
Q's Seoul bulgogi and kimchi with marinated 
rib-eye bulgogi, kimchi and siracha sauce.
Because they're not your average dogs. Creative food-types can get their fix here, cheaply, by checking out their unique takes on an American classic, one for which DC is known (think DC half-smoke). Their menu includes great combinations like Q's Seoul Bulgolgi & Kimchi (I can vouch for its amazingness- spicy and with a wonderful crunch- and one of the items featured on "Heat Seekers") or their Arkansas Razorback Red (cheese and bacon dog, chili, coleslaw, onions, and fried pickle chips).

Fried pickle chips? Don't be intimidated.  If you're unsure about putting them on your dog, grab yourself a side order. The vinagar-soaked thinly sliced pickles cuts through the light breading and it's accompanied by a creamy tangy dipping sauce.
With other items of note like cotton candy and fried Oreos a la mode, and classic choices such as hand-cut fries and a selection of beer, you can eat like a foodie and pay like the Capitol Hill intern that you likely are.