Thursday, May 3, 2012

$39 for 3 Man-Hours of Cleaning

Did you stumble upon my previous article for a $39 cleaning deal and have a fit of rage that you missed the deal, throwing things and making your disgusting apartment more...disgustinger? (It's okay. I minored in English in college and have a license to make up words. Keep walking; nothing to see here.) Well once again, your laziness/procrastination/lack of being in the know has scored you bonus points: now get three man-hours of cleaning, not just two, for $39 in the DC metro area (that means you too, Montgomery County and Northern Virginia).

KBGDeals presents this bargain with company Clean Start- normally $150, that's 74% off.  Making the deal even better, a team of three arrives at your place, giving you three man-hours of tidying and scrubbing in just one hour.

Best of all, their website boasts evening and weekend hour availability. Most companies with cleaning deals do not have weekend or evening hours, leaving those of us who, well, work for a living forced to get on our knees and scrub our tiles with a toothbrush. By ourselves. But no more- grab this deal and save your knees for more important things, like praying for that promotion.