Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cuz Geeks Need Energy More Than Most

When one is exhausted midday and needs a refesher, the solution has often been coffee. Whether or not you like that coffee taste, there is no other option than to run to Starbucks, right?

Not so. There has been a surge- pardon the pun- of energy drinks on the market lately, from large cans of Monster Energy to regular-sized cans of Red Bull to teeny-tiny bottles of 5-Hour Energy.

Poor little multi-billion-dollar Starbucks.
But don't shed a tear for them. They used their same ingenuity that allowed them to take a plain cup of coffee, sell it for three times more than the other guys, and have lines out the door to figure out a way to get into the energy drink craze.

They're calling the beverages Starbucks Refreshers.The products boast giving the boost that coffee would give using green coffee extract, allowing for the energy coffee provides without the coffee taste. The fruit-flavored drinks are available canned in grocery stores or made especially for you at your local Starbucks.

How do they taste? I had the chance to preview the line last month and found them to be better-tasting than other energy drinks I've tried (and trust me, I've tried most of them) but only by a smidge. But I appreciated the kick of energy without experiencing the jitters that can sometimes occur after drinking similar beverages.

But why take my word for it? Go try one yourself- for free! This Friday, July 13, Starbucks is offering a free tall Refresher from noon until 3 PM. Seems like your lunch break is looking a bit more refreshing.