Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Only $5.50 for National Geographic Museum Admission

You've read the magazine. You flip through television channels for any and all similar content. But you haven't seen National Geographic up close and personal before.

Get a chance to get in their personal space: score a ticket to the National Graphic Museum for only $5 instead of $8. Going with a group? Good for you, social butterfly. Grab more for the gang with packages for two ($10) or four ($19) people. These tickets are available for use through December 31st.

Current photography exhibitions include Desert Air: Photographs by George Steinmetz and Wicked Weather. Is photography not your thing? Check out 1001 Inventions : Discover the Golden Age of Muslim Civilization which covers the 7th to 17th centuries from Spain to China.

Going to the National Geographic Museum will make you smarter. Buying this deal? It shows that you're already pretty brilliant.