Friday, October 12, 2012

Charity "Extra Life" Helps Gamers Raise Money for Hospitals

Loving superheroes is a common theme in the life of a geek. Whether you read comics or play video games, saving the lives of others is something geeks experience, albeit fictionally, on a fairly regular basis.

What if you could literally save people?

What if you could do it by playing video games?

Extra Life believes this combination works as well as peanut butter and jelly Nutella. Participants will play video games and help raise money for children at local hospitals. Simply sign up to pledge to play video games for twenty-four hours on October 20, 2012 (or a day of your choosing if that date is not convenient). Have friends, family, and people who barely tolerate you sponsor you and the cause. Then do what you were probably going to do anyway: play for a day.

Gamers can use any platform that they wish from wherever they decide to park their butts. The donations they raise will go to the hospital that they have personally selected. Participants can play as individuals or join a team (including Reddit, G4TV, and many more).

Extra Life has run this event for four years and has raised over 2 million dollars thus far. Be a local superhero and help save children while doing what you love.

As a gamer who used to work as a guidance counselor and currently works in health care, I find this extremely exciting.