Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fan-Made Guess Who Dr Who Edition

A few weeks ago, I was having coffee with someone when we decided to go back to my place and watch some Dr. Who. (More days than not end like this.) We ended up deciding that board games needed to accompany the Netflix-athon (totally a real word or something) so I went digging in my closet and found Guess Who? The original, mind you. It pays to be sentimental (code word for "cheap").

Frans always gave me the creeps.
We apparently weren't alone in thinking that an hour or two of combining Dr. Who and Guess Who? was a smashing idea. (Get it? Cuz they're smashing the two...oh, never mind.) Just a few short days after that leisurely Sunday, I found a game made by Karen Kavett whose geekiness puts mine to shame.

She brings you...Guess Who Dr Who Edition.

She's pretty thorough: she even put together this fake commercial. Curious on how she put the game together? She walks you through, step by step, right here.