Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hello, Sweetie: Why River Song Is Awesome.

Apparently, I'm the real-life version of River Song.

At least, that's what my boyfriend thinks.

And I'm not going to let a little thing like the fact that he hasn't seen any of her episodes yet stop me from believing it.

While not everyone appreciates River (she's even been accused of being a Mary Sue many times, such as here), I like many of her characteristics, particularly that she's smart and can keep up with the Doctor, yet is able to love whole-heartedly (whole-heartsedly, since she loves the Doctor?).

Really, what is it about River Song that's so fantastic? Since my background is in psychology, Boyfriend suggested that I do a character analysis. Which is a fantastic and fun idea. But then I remembered two things:
1. I'm tired, and
2. You can find anything on Google.

So while it's not as good, nor psychologically-based, as what I believe I would have put together, here's a summary of why River Song is awesome.

If you're curious, here's the conversation that led up to this. I almost felt too narcissistic to put it here but Boyfriend thought it appropriate (pardon the love-fest):

Boyfriend: ...and what is it that you like most, besides Dr. Who and me?
me: Well, you ARE my Doctor.
Boyfriend: Oooooh.
me: You take me for amazing adventures. And when I'm with you, I am lost in time and space. You're also my Centurion, but you haven't seen any of that yet. You'll understand eventually :)
Boyfriend: And who are you?
me: I'm your River Song. You haven't met her yet but let's just say...she's sassy and geeky and she loves with her whole heart. And she has curly hair.
Boyfriend: ...sounds like you. :-) Perfect.
me: Oh, she's far from perfect. But she's honest. And she provides The Doctor with strength and is the only one that's on the doctor's level.
Boyfriend: I'd say that the things you just described are the best aspects that I like about you. So, I'm intrigued.
List of things I like best about you? 
-she's sassy
-and geeky
-she has curly hair
-she's not perfect but she's honest
-and she provides the doctor with strength and is the only one that's on the doctor's level