Friday, April 5, 2013

I Accidentally The Whole Thing...Tardis Blue Nail Polish

I LOVE me some dark crimson nail polish. I've gone through so many bottles of Essie's Bordeaux nail polish that my mom started to buy them routinely as one of my stocking stuffers each Christmas. I'm trying to branch out in my dark color palette, so when I saw Orly's Shockwave, what appeared to be a navy blue, I was excited. (Side note: I just did a search for the polish so I could link it and was amused to discover that ThinkGeek carries it. Hah.)

When my manicure was finished, I was puzzled. I held up the bottle to my man.

Me: Does this look like navy blue?
Him: Uh, yeah. I mean, I'm a guy. It's a dark blue...I can tell that much.
Me: Well does this look like navy blue? *shows off fingernails*
Him: also a dark blue.
Me: Okay, well is it the same dark blue?

The lighting was dark and for some reason, that made it look like a greenish blue. But the next morning on the way to work, with the sunlight coming in through the metro windows, I giggled.

Because I realized that Orly's Shockwave was the perfect shade of Tardis blue.


So in the end, I'm obviously a happy girl. As many of you cosplay or merely like to add some geekery to your beauty routine, I thought I'd share the wealth.

I really like this nail polish because as you can see, it's pretty glossy. Also, the manicure was done on Tuesday. It's Friday and there's not so much as a chip. And Orly's bottle tops are covered in rubber for easy opening. No more struggling to open it by biting the bottle top with your teeth.

Not that I've ever done that.

For those of you who don't know the reference in the title...educate yourselves. It's a fun meme.

Enjoy your weekend! Allons-y!