Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just How Big IS The TARDIS On The Inside?

"It's bigger on the inside!" It's what The Doctor's companions are practically required to declare when they first set foot on The Doctor's spaceship, the TARDIS. Unless you're super-cool like Miss Clara who proclaimed that "it's smaller on the outside!"

So how big on the inside is it, exactly? And how much would the TARDIS cost?

In a similar manner to how calculated the cost of being Iron Man, Movoto created a wonderful infographic on the size and cost of the TARDIS. Here's a taste, though I recommend clinking on the aforementioned link for a better view:

What's the verdict? While a 1960's police box measures 44.2 square feet, the best approximation for its inside size is 2,248,355 square feet- the same size as the interior of the Empire State Building. It would cost about $2.5 billion, or almost ₤2 billion, mate.

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