Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Geeky Tees and More Part 2: Shirt Woot

In case you missed Part I of this Geeky Tee Series, ShirtPunch is a great website for shirts, phone and iPad cases, stickers, and more.You can check out that article here.

Once again, I was inspired to write an article of this sort due to inspiration from an impulse geeky shirt purchase. In this case, I nabbed a Doctor Who-themed sweatshirt off of Woot:

It's hard to tell with this resolution but that Weeping Angel is made entirely of code.

The t-shirt version was first available 12 days ago when it won the ASCII Art Derby. What is the derby, you ask?

Woot started off as a daily deal site; its popularity quickly allowed it to create several spinoff Woots. Currently, there are Woot, Tech Woot, Accessories and Watches Woot, Home Woot, Tools and Garden Woot, Kids Woot, Wine Woot, Sellout Woot, Community Sourced Deals (where members post deals that they find elsewhere on the web), and, of course, Shirt Woot. (You can access all Woot compartments at In the spirit of Woot, there is a different offering every day at Shirt Woot. While that isn't the only shirt available, it is the only one priced at only $12 plus free shipping. "After their featured debut on the front page, Shirt.Woot tees move to our Top 20 list, where they'll continue to be available at $15 as long as they maintain their popularity. Once a shirt falls off of that list, it will still be available as a special order, digitally-printed kind of thing at $18 in our All Designs catalog. We also offer a new curated collection of tees (and other items, from hoodies to tote bags) every week in our Woot Plus events. So if you don't like what you see in the spotlight, keep looking - we've gotta have something you wouldn't be ashamed to be seen in."

Back to the derby: Shirt Woot will regularly host contests with a theme. The first, second, and third place designs will be printed and available for purchase. Any Woot member can vote and becoming a Woot member is free. If you're a new artist interested in designing a Woot shirt, the Derby is your best option. If you have shirt design experience and have an idea for a shirt, you can email Woot at And you get paid. Naturally. This is America.

Sometimes, Woot will have a Woot-Off; for Shirt Woot, today is such a day.  "In Woot-Off mode, a new product is launched immediately after the sellout of the previous deal. The number of Woot-Off items, sequence, and quantity will not be announced. When Woot-Off mode is over, the orange lights will disappear and our normal schedule will resume. In cases of painful Woot-Offs lasting more than three days, consult a physician." In today's Woot-Off, I was notified that only new designs will be offered. That's how I was able to get this sweatshirt. I wanted this design very much when it debuted but decided I had enough tees. So...perfect. I nabbed one of the hoodies today during the Woot-Off. As soon as it sells out, another item will take its place.

Oooh. One just did. They have a Game of Thrones-themed shirt called House of Malcontent. But who knows for how long?

Over the years, I've bought more than 15 items from Shirt Woot as both gifts for others and myself. Here's a sampling.

A retro gaming must. I've had this one for ages and rocked it at the Art of Video Games exhibit at The Smithsonian American Art Museum.

As you can see, a lot of Woot's shirts are throwbacks from 1980's geekery (much to my delight). Here is a mash up between Leonardo and, well, Leonardo. Woot shirts, by default, are short-sleeved; however, special collections will sometimes have long-sleeved shirts, bags, tanks, or aprons.

 I got this for one of my friends for Chanukah. This one is particularly great for Jewish cooks, although who doesn't enjoy a good latke (potato pancake)?

One of my first Shirt Woot purchases. Cuz when is the movie ever better than the book? 'Xactly.

The Spice Girls wish they had this much girl power! Ever read fairy tales and wish the female protagonists kicked a little more butt? Well now they do.

Getting this shirt was a must for me, considering I actually was the school spelling bee champian- err, champion- nearly every year in grade school. And what's the fun if you can't poke some fun at yourself?

 Who would get the most enjoyment from discovering Harrison Ford? Oh, I know- Harrison Ford. I got this one last week as a surprise for my significant other...hopefully he isn't looking at this. It's due to arrive this weekend.

I also got this one for my significant other recently and it came in the mail yesterday. Appropriate timing considering the Lord of the Rings debacle we experienced this weekend. Read about that here.

For the classic literature geek. Or the overdramatic and star-crossed loving teenager. You decide.

I got this for my guy for Christmas as he loves to make pancakes for friends when they come over for brunch. Gotta love the 8-bit Zelda reference.