Thursday, August 15, 2013

Google Has Located the TARDIS on Google Maps

It took Jack Harkness more than a century to find The Doctor and his TARDIS. With all of Harkness' nifty gadgets from being a time agent, you would think at least one of them had Google Maps.

According to The Age, an Australian newspaper, "The street view function of [Google Maps'] mapping system has been adjusted to allow people who navigate past London's Earl's Court station to enter the iconic blue police box parked outside the station. The box itself has been outside the station for several years, one of the last 'police boxes' still working in the UK."

If one clicks on the police box, he or she will have a guided tour of its interior...and not just the interior of any old police box. Instead, one enters the control room of the TARDIS, The Doctor's spaceship on Doctor Who. Click here and take a look.