Friday, August 23, 2013

Geeky Tees and More Part 1: Shirtpunch

What prompted me to write this article today, though I've been a customer of ShirtPunch for some time, was one of today's offerings:

My inner 10-year-old geeked out and I knew that I couldn't keep this level of awesomeness to myself. A TMNT totally tubular take with typography that would make Michaelangelo proud. Cowabunga!

But let's back up a bit. ShirtPunch is a website that features a few unique prints each day. Each one is available for only 24 hours and then never sold if you see something you like, act immediately. Although they identify themselves as a tshirt website, prints are also offered in an array of other formats like posters, phone and iPad cases, stickers, game console and laptop decals, buttons, and sweatshirts.  The tees are available in choices, too (unlike most similar sites): long- and short-sleeve shirts, regular or fitted shirts, and male and female cuts. Shirts are categorized as either "pop culture" or "tv;" they tend to be of the geeky variety.

Interested in designing a shirt for them? You can!

" Designers from all over the world submit their designs to us for printing! We select designs based on the submissions received and put those shirts in the queue to be printed... [Designers get] cash money, baby! We pay $1 per shirt sold. As a designer, you'll have access to live sales statistics so you can see exactly how much you've earned as it's happening! Designers also get full exposure with an artist interview, links to all of their sites and social media, and a place to display some side art (other designs they may want to showcase.) Best of all, designers get to keep 100% of the rights to their designs! We just borrow the design for 24-hours, and we retain no rights once the sale has ended."

One of the other shirts offered today, August 23, 2013, is a Sherlock Holmes shirt entitled "I Am Sherlocked."

I am loving the Sherlock series. While I like this shirt, I previously bought a Sherlock tee off of ShirtPunch...which brings me to a sampling of my ShirtPunch purchases.

Let's start with that Sherlock shirt, simply named "Detective Quotes."

I also nabbed "Souffle" very shortly after the Doctor Who episode on which it was based aired. Not only was it the first shirt that I saw that referenced the soon-to-be companion, but I thought it was adorbs. Ew. Did I just write, "adorbs?"

Lastly, I purchased this shirt for my guy who is a big Tolkien fan and a big coffee drinker. He gets compliments on it constantly. (We have a lot of geeky friends.)

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