Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government Shutdown: Info and Deals

Happy Mandatory Vacation, Day 1, to my government employee readers!

As my friend, you may have already gotten an earful on what I think about the shutdown. But as my reader, I come bearing resources.

So [try to] fret not.

Here are some things that may be helpful, including some steals and deals:

-Each agency's plan.

-Also, it seems that a lot of people haven't heard about DC Mayor Gray's declaration that he would consider all DC government employees essential in the case of a shutdown. Therefore, DC will not [likely] be shutting down.

-Furlough food freebies for government employees.
-Happy hour specials for the shutdown.

-Live updates on all shutdown specials.

-How to MacGyver DC (and save more money during the shutdown).
 -For a small chuckle: Government Shutdown Pickup Lines on Twitter.