Wednesday, January 8, 2014

$20 off your first Uber car ride; 20% off ride for existing members

Unless you've been a hermit or don't live in a major city, you've likely heard of Uber, the newest and possibly the best car service option available. Uber is different because you summon a car using a phone application which then allows you to track exactly where the car is on a map. It provides you with different car options from UberX- the most affordable and, at least in DC, often cheaper than a regular taxi- to Black Car service, with several options in between. Uber provides you the name and picture of your driver along with a description of the car (so feel free to text that info to your overprotective so-and-so's). Speaking of texts, Uber will text you when the driver is on his or her way and when he or she arrives.The cars are always perfectly clean, the drivers are always kind without exception (imagine that!), and they will adjust the temperature or even music at your request. Uber does not allow tipping, making them even more affordable. If you're unsure if Uber really is a great deal, use the trip cost calculator on the phone application. Payment options include credit card or Paypal and transactions are done via the app; simply tap for a car, climb in, get out, and have your receipt emailed to you. You can even have the fare split amongst multiple people right from the application.

If you're still unsure, January 2014 is the perfect month to try Uber: until January 20th only, Uber is doubling their sign-up bonus to a whopping $20 credit, most likely more than covering your first ride so you have nothing to lose by trying them out.

Already an existing Uber member? It's extremely rare to find promotion codes for Uber after the initial sign-up bonus but until January 13, current members receive 20% off of one ride with promo code UBERTPG20.