Thursday, January 16, 2014

Eat Your Words: Literary Dinnerware

Creating a wedding registry sounds like it would be fun. You picture a couple with one of those laser gun thingamajigs; they take off in the middle of a department store, zapping things that they want people to gift them to celebrate their love.

In reality, when you get married after your 20's, you've likely been living alone for awhile already and have your basic needs covered. Twice- he or she probably has it all, too. People keep asking if you have a registry so you know you need to make one but want gift cards.

It takes a lot to make me squee with this stuff. The only thing until today that did so was finding a small collection of Kate Spade word game-related items, like this

Kate Spade New York Say the Word "Word Search" Dish

or this.

Kate Spade New York Say the Word "Crossword" Dish.

We both love games and I particularly love literary games.

Wait, what was I saying? Oh yeah. "The only thing until today that did [make me squee]..."

Because today I found these dishes on Modcloth:

I try to find the appropriate balance between being helpful and being super duper annoying when it comes to correcting grammar. These adorable dishes are a gentle reminder of the rules. And they're proactive! Helping others before they've even made a mistake. Now that's beautiful.

Close-ups of each plate: