Monday, January 13, 2014

Life Hack: How to Use Only One Paper Towel to Dry Your Hands

How many paper towels are you using each time you wash your hands?'re doing it wrong. It may seem trivial but think about how many times a day you wash your hands and suddenly, doing it correctly seems pretty essential.

TED Talks, while almost invariably interesting, don't always leave its viewers with everyday advice. A TEDx (click here to find out more about TEDx) from mid-2012, however, proves to be very useful indeed- viewers walk away knowing how to use only one paper towel to dry their hands...and their hands will actually be dry.

I first watched this TEDx about two weeks ago and have been putting Joe Smith's method into practice ever since to determine its effectiveness. The first time was in the bathroom before heading back to a fashion show and believe me when I exclaim that wet hands are so 1997. I shook my hands twelve times and used the folded paper towel. Voila! I was so impressed that my smile caught the eye of two other salle de bain visitors who eyed my hands. Then their wet hands. Then back to my hands. After being beckoned, I showed them my new move, told them of the TEDx, and went back to my seat.

The show seat. Not the toilet seat. Geez.

Since viewing the video, the only time I've suffered from less-than-perfectly-dry hands was when no paper towels were found and only those old-fashioned hand dryers (and not the swanky new kind, which I love) were available. I'm looking at you, Kingstowne Regal Cinema.

Especially during winter when it's so easy to get chapped hands, I really appreciated this video. And for those Captain Planet lovers out there, using fewer paper towels will save quite a few trees.