Wednesday, February 5, 2014

One Ring to Rule Them All: A Geeky Fairytale Proposal

This bedtime story is dedicated to my readers. You've been asking about my hinted engagement; here's how it went down a few months ago.

Once upon a time, a really adorable dude with a geek streak fell in love with a book-loving, museum-adoring, geek-culture-writing gal. He decided that he wanted to marry her and live happily most-of-the-time after. They went to look at rings and she decided that she wanted a marquise-shaped diamond. At the time, she didn't think there was a particular reason why. She later realized what was likely the first "gemstone" she'd seen:

Look at that pretty rupee!

(See? I have a girly side. Even if it emerged from The Legend of Zelda.)

This subconscious decision was fitting since the first present she'd ever bought her pancake-loving future husband was this Woot apron:

...complete with LOZ references. But the question remained: how was Prince Charming going to propose to his girl?

It started with creating the ring box.

He thought long and hard on what would cleverly represent their love. He remembered that the first time he ever saw his beloved was at the Art of Video Games exhibit she attended so she could write an article for She was in the gift shop, contemplating the purchase of a Mario plushie.

Never thought I'd find the love of my life by making that face...
Between that first encounter and her love for old-school video games, the prince decided to customize the ring box with a Nintendo theme.

He found a hand-painted Super Mario Bros. mystery block-styled box on Etsy, made by emmadreamstar

She was willing to customize the inside of the lid with an inscription and, with a nod to Legend of Zelda, he requested the following inscription (which she now has in the last picture for the item- apparently, she liked his idea as well):

He bought a plushy heart insert for the ring and put it inside. All after asking her dad's permission, of course.

But where to ask his future wife for her hand?

Both he and his girl are history lovers. On their first date, they discussed going to George Washington's Mount Vernon estate together but they hadn't yet gone.

On a particularly warm and beautiful Saturday, the prince escorted his future bride towards the mansion. About an hour later, a guide invited the couple to the third floor which had been closed off to the public. She described the rooms and their history, which were mostly defined as Martha Washington's quarters, and also briefly touched on the Washingtons' marriage.

Our hero took his lover's hand and thanked his lady for the time they had spent together thus far, starting from when he first laid eyes on her and Mario. It reminded him of those Nintendo mystery blocks- one never knew what they contained. But sometimes they gave the traveler valuable things.

She somewhat suspected what might be going on at this point. But nothing could have prepared her for when he took out the box. At the realization of how much time, thought, and effort he had put into the proposal, this usually stoic woman broke down into sobs of joy.

His beautiful speech was largely inaudible over it, but he repeated it to her later. In the end, he got down on one knee and asked to spend his life with her. She'd never been more sure of anything than when she said yes.

Happy [almost] Valentine's Day, dear readers!